Paul Johann Anselm von Feuerbach

German criminalist (b.1775, d.1833)

Von Feuerbach is seen as the father of German criminal law and his works influenced legal thinking on the entire European continent. He is best know for insisting that someone can only be convicted of a crime when the definition of that crime and its maximum sentence were put in a law before the crime was committed ("nullum delictum, nulla poena sine praevia lege poenali"). Thanks to him torture was abolished in the kingdom of Bavaria. In 1801 he became professor and in 1817 he was appointed president of the Court of Appeal in Ansbach. His grave can be found in the Hauptfriedhof in Frankfurt am Main. The painter Anselm von Feuerbach was his nephew (for his grave, see the Page of the Dead in the Androom Archives).

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