Heinrich V

Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (b.1086, d.1125)


Heinrich was not an easy going person. In his youth he rebelled against his father, emperor Heinrich IV, deposing him in 1105. In 1111 he went to Rome, where he captured Pope Paschalis II, who was then forced to crown him as Holy Roman Emperor. The old conflict about the Right of Investiture (the right to appoint bishops and abbots) was resolved by Heinrich V and Pope Calixtus II by the Concordate of Worms (1122). Heinrich was married to Maud, a daughter of King Henry I of England. She was known as Maud the Empress and after her father's death she fought a civil war with King Stephen over the English throne.

The sandstone sarcophagus containing Heinrich's remains can be found in the crypt of the cathedral of Speyer, Germany. It was rediscovered in 1900, when the imperial graves in the cathedral were excavated (see article).

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